Raw Chocolate 'Triplets'

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The Raw Chocolate Pie company 'Triplets' are a healthy answer to the cream egg. The shell is made of smooth raw chocolate (Naked Pie recipe) and the filling is vanilla fudge.  Children love them and there is no added sugar, of course!  

The diameter of each egg is 14 cm and the height is 6 cm. Our pack of 3, "The Triplets", makes a delightful present. 

All Easter Eggs have a 6 month shelf life.


Naked Pie shell: Raw coconut oil, Raw agave nectar, Raw cacao nibs (18%), Carob flour, Ground almonds, Lucuma powder.

Vanilla Fudge filling: Raw coconut oil, Lucuma powder, Ground almonds, Raw agave nectar, Vanilla essence(15%).

Weight 180g